About Elica S.A.

ELICA GROUP, a member of the leading conglomerate Copelouzos Group, participates in the market of Renewable Energy Sources
in Greece from a leading position. It is a joint venture (50% -50%) of
of Copelouzos Group and International
Constructional Group.

It has been active in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources since 1997,
having extensive experience in the design, development, licensing, construction
and operation of RES projects.


INVITATION TO TENDER No: 1041/01DTS & No: 1041/02CBA

ELICA MEDITERRANEAN ELECTRICAL INTERCONNECTION SINGLE-MEMBER S.A. (ELICA) invites all interested economic operators (Tenderers) to express their interest for the prequalification phase for the award of these contracts


  Onshore wind farms

  Offshore wind farms

  Photovoltaic Power Stations

    Small hydroelectric power stations

   Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) 

  Construction of RES Projects 

  Operation and Maintenance of RES Projects

  Photovoltaic panel factories


Greece - Egypt Electrical Interconnection

The «GREGY Project» interconnects the Electric Power Systems of Egypt and Europe through Greece for the transfer of 100% clean energy produced from renewable energy sources in Egypt capturing the high-capacity factors in the area, which will be used for consumption by the Greek industry, for the production of green H2 in the country and for export to European countries.

Why RES?

RES significantly contribute to the reduction of energy costs
while contributing towards the energy
independence of our country.

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